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I am a Certified Wildlife Biologist and natural resource/NEPA planner living and working in north-central Idaho. I earned a BS in Wildlife Science from the University of Washington in 2003 and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Idaho in 2009. My graduate work involved the behavioral ecology and population genetics of pronghorn in Yellowstone National Park.

North-central Idaho is an area of rolling grasslands, dense forests, clear rivers, deep canyons, and (a very few) glaciated peaks. Wildlife, plants, and nature generally are central interests in my life, and I hope the images here convey some of the beauty and diversity I see and enjoy in this part of the world. Enjoy!

Selected Publications:
  • PJ White; TL Davis; KK Barnowe-Meyer; RL Crabtree; and RA Garrott. 2007. Partial migration and philopatry of Yellowstone pronghorn. Biological Conservation 135:502-510.
  • KK Barnowe-Meyer; PJ White; TL Davis; and JA Byers. 2009. Predator-specific mortality of pronghorn on Yellowstone's northern range. Western North American Naturalist 69:186-194.
  • KK Barnowe-Meyer; PJ White; TL Davis; DW Smith; RL Crabtree; and JA Byers. 2010. Influences of wolves and high-elevation dispersion on reproductive success of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). Journal of Mammalogy 91:712-721.
  • SJ Dunn; KK Barnowe-Meyer; KJ Gebhardt; N Balkenhol; LP Waits; and JA Byers. 2010. Ten polymorphic microsatellite markers for pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). Conservation Genetic Resources 2:81-84.
  • KK Barnowe-Meyer; PJ White; and JA Byers. 2011. Maternal investment by Yellowstone pronghorn following winter habitat deterioration. Western North American Naturalist 71:222-233.
  • KK Barnowe-Meyer; PJ White, LP Waits, and JA Byers. 2013. Social and genetic structure associated with migration in pronghorn. Biological Conservation 168:108-115.